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About the Firm

Why Kramer Financial?

  • Independence: Our firm is fully independent which means our loyalty is exclusively to the client - not a parent company or a proprietary investment.
  • The Plan: Investing with a Plan isn’t just a tagline, it’s our philosophy and the backbone of our business. We believe every client deserves a tailored plan to help pursue their specific financial goals.
  • Family Minded: James and Jodi pride themselves on being a locally-owned family business. Many of their clients have become very good friends throughout the years and it’s not uncommon for James and Jodi’s young children to be seen at the office greeting clients. We believe in the values of a family business!
  • A Teacher's Heart: A teaching approach means that every effort is made to help clients understand the problem, understand the possible strategies and be knowledgeable about the path forward.
  • Organization: Confidence comes with financial organization. We have the tools and knowledge available to help every client simplify their financial life.
  • Making A Difference: We believe in giving back to the community we live and do business in. James, Jodi and the associates of Kramer Financial are very involved in the local community, their churches and the Chamber of Commerce.